Graham Farms

In 1932 Ernest R Graham founded Graham’s Dairy Inc. in the Northwest region of Dade County. By the 1940s, Graham’s Dairy produced fifteen hundred gallons of milk a day from 750 cows. Through the 1950s, the company proved to be a productive bottling and distributing venture, becoming one of the most successful dairies in Florida.

Today, the company’s agriculture business consists of dairy farming, sugar cane, Angus beef cattle, pecan groves, and timber operations. It is in two geographical areas: Moore Haven, Florida, and Southwest Georgia.

Florida Farms milks over 2,500 cows a day in Moore Haven, Florida. With a state-of-the-art milking facility, our dairy is known for producing top-quality milk and is a proud member of the Southeast Milk Inc. Dairy Cooperative.

The Georgia Farms consists of Graham Angus Farm in Dougherty County, GA, and the Pecan Farm in Calhoun County, GA. Graham Angus Farm consists of pastureland, open areas, timberland, and wetlands. The pastureland is home to an Angus commercial cattle herd known for its excellent genetics. In addition to cattle, the property is utilized for farming pine trees.